Legal Notices


All affiliated organizational listings contained herein are solely for the purpose of furthering our constitutionally protected right to engage in political activity and should not be construed by any individual or governmental agency as promoting, encouraging or engaging in prostitution. It is a felony within the state of California for anyone to make referrals to sex workers for the purposes of prostitution. Neither COYOTE Los Angeles/Southern California or any of its' affiliated organizations listed within our site can or will make such referrals. Please do not even ask: such inquiries will be ignored.

Prostitution laws vary from state to state, and enforcement of these laws varies from city to city within the same state. Information contained within these pages is for educational purposes only. It is not a substitute for medical or legal advice. If you have been arrested or have other business related legal problems, or if you have been raped or abused by a client, law enforcement agent or other individual, consult with an attorney within your city and state. If you suspect you have contracted a sexually transmitted disease or were raped, contact a physician immediately.

COYOTE Los Angeles/Southern California is a privately funded sex worker rights/advocacy organization dedicated to the decriminalization of all private, consenting adult sexual activity whether or not commercial in nature. There are a number of resources and organizations available for sex workers whose leaders support the continued criminalization of sex work; for such groups we do not and will not provide referrals or a forum within our site.

Opinions expressed within these pages belong solely to the author of any given article, and all responsibility for them rests with the author. We welcome your comments, suggestions and criticisms, and encourage you to forward to us any relevant information/news/laws relating to prostitution/sex work.