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WELCOME TO COYOTE LA- We are a very politically incorrect organization that recognizes the rights of prostitutes and all other sex workers. Thanks for checking our web site. Throughout these pages you will find out who we are, what we believe and why we exist. Whether you are a current or former sex worker, a member of the media, a student or writer doing research, law enforcement agent or other individual interested in the issue of prostitution, hopefully you will find the information you are seeking. If this site has been useful to you, it is always appropriate to make a contribution to us which in turn will allow us to help others. For information on how you can donate time or money to our cause, or how to purchase products which we sell, please go to Making a contribution to this cause or COYOTE Gift Store.

There are many projects that we would like to start, but we need volunteers. If you have time on your hands and live in the LA area (particularly in the San Fernando Valley) and would like to commit to helping us, we have many, many projects for you to work on. We need computer literate people (on a Mac system) as well as anyone who can spell (to file letters and books in our library) who are available during the day, any day of the week and on weekends. We also need researchers who can work at home on their own computers to gather information for us. There is no pay whatsoever, all of us are volunteers. If you are interested, please contact Norma Jean at and give us a phone number where we can call you. Undercover police officers are not welcome........

In addition to COYOTE LA business, our other organization, ISWFACE (International Sex Worker Foundation for Art, Culture and Education) needs volunteers doing much the same thing. ISWFACE is our educational, cultural organization and is not politically oriented as COYOTE LA is. For more information about ISWFACE's purpose and mission statement, visit the website. Why do we need two organizations in LA? Well, ISWFACE is not just local, it is international, and it focuses on other areas of the lives of sex workers - including many sex workers who are not prostitutes and work legally.